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About Animal Life……

Our efforts are entirely dependent upon donations and fundraisers. Our vision is to build Harnett Counties first No-kill facility, but until that vision becomes reality, we also dephttp://www.animallifeinc.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2&action=edit#end solely on foster homes to place our rescued animals in until permanent loving homes can be found. Animal Life’s belief’s and operating procedures are that no adoptable animal should endure euthansia, starvation or be homeless. Animal Life also believes that the overpopulation of domestic animals can only be corrected by Spay/Neuter and is the only way we will adopt an animal out, with the exception of Puppies and Kittens that are to young or small to be altered, and in such cases a deposit is required and transfer of ownership will not occur until that animal is altered.

The Story Behind Animal Life……

I am Bryan Rouse and I am the founder of Animal Life Rescue and I am about to tell you how binary options this all came about. In October of 2012 we had a stray dog at work, he was a beautiful boxer, I wanted him so bad but didn’t want to take him, not knowing who he belonged to so I decided I wanted a boxer. I went to Harnett County Animal Control Website and there he was a beautiful male boxer, needed a home. I left work early to go adopt him, but when I arrived at the shelter there was a family there looking at him. I waited patiently, only to which binary trading is legal in india find out they were adopting him. Well I looked at the Pen behind me and there were 2 pitiful looking, but beautiful lab mix pups, begging me to look at them. So I asked the shelter attendant to let me visit with them both to select the one I wanted. I took them both in the visitation room and really had a hard time choosing between the two (I wanted to take them both home )I chose the female, but it broke my heart to have to send the other back to his pen, knowing he would be put to sleep if not adopted that day. I took the female home and named her ROXIE. That night I got on Friends of the Harnett County Animal Shelter Facebook Page and asked if there was binary option legal india anything I could do to help keep these babies from dying. Well here we went, one thing led to another, Since then we have rescued approximately 130 dogs and cats as of April 2014. It is a passion now and we have acquired a very passionate group of people that are now the Board Members of Animal Life Inc. along with numerous volunteers and fosters. My Dream now is to open Harnett Counties first and only No-Kill Shelter and to hopefully see our county Go from Hi-Kill to No-Kill.

Thank You to everyone who is already a part of Animal Life, We couldn’t do it without You ! We need Your help, please pledge to be a part of Animal Life. Thanks for reading.
Animal Life is all about the Animals.